Why Do Republicans Hate America

Their Hatred Has Grown

One Woman's Opinion

Republicans Are Trying to Destroy America

  • Dismantle Public Schools

  • Povertize America

  • Make sure that only the rich have rights

  • Eliminate individuals Rights

  • Eliminate rights in Work Places

  • From current events they want to make sure you have no health insurance

  • They don't want you to have a union to protect your rights at work

  • Make children become part of the work force

  • Republican Governors are trying to keep you from registering to vote

  • Republican Governors are trying to figure out a way to keep you from voting

  • Rewrite the United States Constitution to what the Religious leaders tell them to do

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Republicans will do anything to kill America as it is today. They hate that Americans have rights. Rights in the work place, rights in the public arena, rights to speak out.

During the Bush presidency the Republicans passed bills written by big business and didn't bother to write any bills of their own and didn't read any of those bills. These bills are still costing America a ton of money. Now that Obama is trying to help the working class they are trying to stop Obama by saying it cost too much money. While money is still flowing out to rich people and big business that may be true. Stop that gravy train from running and there is a lot more money for necessary things for the people.

Poor people and the elderly didn't benefit from Bush's and Republicans's spending spree for two wars and corporation welfare. Why should we be harmed by the budget reform?

Republicans ran up this huge national debt and continue to do so. They give billions away to rich people and big corporations. The oil companies gets a welfare check from our government thanks to the Republicans. The Republicans send welfare checks to the Koch Brothers who are worth $46 billion. They don't pay any income taxes at all so it is our tax dollars they are sending to them.

During the Bush presidency the republicans caused other countries to lose respect for us. They gave other countries a reason to hate us. Republicans think they own America. With their idea of war forever they can destroy other countries rights too.

Republicans lie and whine too much. Either they are whining or lying, sometimes both at the same time. They will try to stop Obama from doing anything so they can get back in power and finish killing America. They are so close. Now we have one that is actually crying all the time about anything. He carries around a big handkerchief just for his crying jags. I always thought this was a sign of mental illness. Mental breakdown.

Reagan started destroying America then George H. Bush tried to continue it. Clinton was elected and stopped their progress. Then George W. Bush was appointed by the Republican Supreme Court. Now Obama is trying to roll back their destruction and the Republican Supreme Court has gotten involved again.They figure with big business's money there is no way Democrats can ever win another election.

Unless the people stand up and say no more voting for big money. We, the people, deserve better.

I was very surprised that the Republicans want to eliminate child labor laws. They want your children to work in whatever conditions that an employer might have at their work place. I can't imagine that being good for any child. The only thing is that it guarantees our nation will become provertized.

Right now if your congress person is a Republican they are trying to figure out how to keep you from having any rights. The Democrats are having a hard time protecting your rights because of the way Republicans act. The Democrats can't protect your rights by themselves. You have to tell your congress person that you want your rights protected not big business. You have to tell your congress person that we need health insurance reform. They are siding with big business on health insurance reform. The fact that you may not have any health insurance or might lose health insurance tomorrow doesn't matter to them. They will protect big business and their rights. You don't have any rights.

You will have to tell your congress person to stop lying about what health insurance reform really is all about.

We do have a way of getting people into office who love America and its citizens. Elect Democrats. Elect responsible adults, not people like Paul Ryan, who don't talk stupid. Republicans hate you. Republicans will kill off our economy and vote against the people every chance they get. Fear Republicans. Vote Democrat. While they will not slit your throat physically they will do things to drain the life's blood out of Americans. They will do whatever their puppeteers want them to do.

Unfortunately, the Federal Supreme Court has done it again. They have just voted that there can be no class action law suits. Why? To protect big business and corporations. Class actions law suits reduce the number of law suits that might be started against a business. It is good for a business that it doesn't have to go to lots of little courts but it is bad for business because individuals don't have a lot of money or none but class actions law suits do have money. What the Supreme Court has just said to you that you have no right to sue businesses that have harmed you. It is going to get worse. We knew this one was coming. It is the Republican way to hurt the people and vote for big business. Vote them out of office or they should be impeached.

The collapse of America is almost within their grasp.

How do we stop them?

  • Confront your republican congressman

  • Ask him why he hates America

  • Tell them to stop lying

  • Tell them to do what we pay them to do

  • Tell the truth about them

  • Tell them to stop attacking the middle class

  • Realize when they kill off the middle class then upper middle class will be attacked.

  • Tell Republicans to stop giving our money away to the rich people.